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Shelly Randolph

Nursing and CF Superstar

What other programs did you try before FGFIT that weren’t successful? I was never an athlete of any kind prior to starting CF, I was not physically active at all!

What is your favorite result that you’ve experienced so far? My strength and confidence

If someone is apprehensive to give FGFIT a try, what would you tell them? People tend to look how I am now, not knowing where I started, stating that they can’t do the things I do, I always tell them that when I started I wasn’t in any kind of shape, and all the movements are scaled to your ability.

What is something you can do now that you weren’t able to do before you started? PULL UPS, anything with a bar bell, Karen in 8:22, HSPU, I can keep going and going…..

What goals have you accomplished since starting at FGFIT; what are you still working to achieve? (same as above) I am still working on everything, but I still have goals I am reaching for, mostly some Mu’s!! (One day when I grow up 😉 )