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Chad Koss

No More Back Injuries for This Guy!!!!

How has CrossFit changed you?  About 4 years ago I joined CrossFit having never worked out previously and did not know much about it.  I knew if I joined to a typical gym, it would either be short lived or I would not see results simply because I did not know the fundamentals of working out.  I now understand the balance of strength and cardio as well as working all the muscle groups.  Not only do I look forward to working out just about every day, I enjoy the team atmosphere and working out as a group. I had not done anything athletic since high school.
What do you love most about FGFIT? The coaches and results of the programming!  My first 3 years of Crossfit were under different management/coaches and programing.  During these 3 years, my clothes fit me better, but I was not seeing all the results I expected for the time I was putting in.  I also kept injuring my back and had to take months off to heal.  After 1 year under FGFIT ownership and programming, I have gained noticeable muscle, lost visceral fat and most of all am down 20 lbs.  My core strength has improved to a point that I no longer have back injuries.  I am in the best shape I have been in 20 years!
What advice would you give to a new member?   Whether you are new to working out or new to Crossfit in general, give it a try.  Age nor strength are  limiting factors as all movements can be modified to fit your ability.  If you put forth the effort for a few months, you will see results.