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Tara Schmidt

F.I.T. 1.0 Client

" I started this program hoping to learn a little and lose some weight. I have tried every fab diet and thought the less I eat the more I should lose. I also thought I could eat whatever I wanted because I did crossfit.  I had my doubts at the beginning of the program because I thought how can I eat this much food and lose weight. During the program my relationship with food changed. I no longer seen food as a stress relief,  sugar craving supplement but a form of fuel for my body. With each family event where I chose the right food for me , I gained more confidence in the program. The workouts help isolate muscles that I wanted to tone.  When I got on the In Body during one of the weigh ins my weight didn't change but I had fat loss with muscle gain. You can't see that on a regular scale and in my own home I would have been so discouraged if the scale didn't go down. It's different now. I am so happy I did this program.  I gained a world of knowledge. I also feel with every right choice I make I'm getting closer to my goal and closer to feeling how I want to feel. Thank you so much for all your time and effort,  First Generation Fit!