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Meet Brooke. Doesn't she look great?

Meet Brooke. Doesn't she look great?! Since joining FGFIT in August of 2014 Brooke has lost 45lbs, 9.5 inches in her hips, 7.5 inches in her waist, 3 inches in her arms, and 6 inches in her thighs. Amazing! Even though she is a nurse attending school full time, she is very diligent about fitting in her workouts. Each week, she attends 5+ Group Classes, Cardio Blast, and Olympic Lifting. When she's not at FGFIT working out she's training to do her second GoRuck Tough Challenge. When asked the following questions this is what she said:

How has CrossFit changed you?
"Ha. How has it not changed me? I have never been athletic and I have never tried to be. I was good at being the shy, quiet one. Crossfit has broken me out of my shell and comfort zone and kind of morphed me into a different person. Literally if you were to tell the 16 year old me I would be doing 260 deadlifts, pull-ups, go-rucks all for fun she would stare at you like you lost your mind. I want to push myself to see how far I can go, what I eat has completely done a 180, my attitude and comfort with people is more open. My foundation is still me, but just a little more outgoing and stronger."

What do you love about FGFIT?
"Oh FGFIT..... what's not to love? Its definitely not the workouts that keep me coming back lol. Like every other Crossfitter has said it is the people and community. They become a part of your weekly routine and life. Even though it literally kills me to put this I have to also put Anthony lol (literalllllly killllllllllls meeeeeeeeeeeeee). He has no idea how much of a sadistic person he has turned me into. The fire he has put into me to do better and some days try and prove him is wrong is almost to the point of ridiculousness. I also love the fact it's like a therapy session where I walk in with stress and when I walk out I just feel so much better."

Brooke, you are a dream member! You let us in, let us help, and let yourself be open to the idea of change. Thank you for continuing to work hard and prove that you really can do whatever you set your mind to!