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Meet Mellonie. What a transformation!

Meet Mellonie. What a transformation! Since joining FGFIT a little over 3 years ago Mell has lost 35lbs, 3.5 inches in her hips, and 4 inches in her waist. WOW! She has consistently achieved success by attending Group Classes 5-6 times a week, making small, manageable changes to her diet, and getting weighed, measured and scanned for added accountability. When asked the following questions this is what she said:
How has CrossFit changed you?
"I have found strengths I would have never guessed I had. Mainly in strength of mind. We all have great days, but those bad days. The days you think you can't do it, then succeed. Those are my tough days. If anyone would tell me I would go back to something that would bring me mentally to my knees, I'd tell them they are crazy! But it's what keeps me grounded. It is what helps me bond with people who are just starting. It has helped me open my heart to people in very different places in life."

What do you love about FGFIT?
"Challenge. There will always be a challenge. There are things I came in strong with and 100's of things I have to work on. Struggles are real, but seeing the small/medium/large growths in those areas....nothing beats that. 
I LOVE my crossfit family. From the quiet shy ones to the loud inappropriate ones! They keep me coming back when motivation gets tough. When people ask me I tell them all the time it is the most supportive atmosphere I have ever worked out in. And I have been in a gym/class/box since 2006. Also my best results! And the staff. From my coaches to the dietary staff. Always they are there for my concerns and many questions. A strong support system is something I was lacking and finally found!"

Mellonie, we think you've done it right! You've achieved your goal one rep at a time, one bite at a time, one step at at time! You didn't resort to fad diets, crazy gimmicks, or extreme measures. You simply set your mind to make a change, formulated a plan that worked for you, and stuck to that plan...on vacation...at parties...on the weekends...no matter what. You still enjoy your food (and drink!) but also realized the value in making a lifestyle change that will will bring you more enjoyment than any food ever could. We thank you for letting us help you along the way and look forward to walking with you every step of the way!