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FGFIT Inc. Is excited to be able to offer the latest tech in training!!!!!!!!!!

We will now have heart rate tracking for all of your group classes!!!!!!!

We will also have a MY ZONE PT Focused Training Sessions!!!!!!!!

We are here to offer you the best experience possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You will be provided a MyZone Belt when you register for a membership ($99).

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The MZ-3 is a next-generation heart rate monitor used to provide our members with instant, accurate effort feedback—from anywhere.

Activity tiles transmit to TV displays throughout our gym allowing our members to assess and monitor their effort.

With the Elements4Life MYZONE app, members can track their effort while on the go.


View your most recent workout, MEP count, KCal count, average effort percentage and personal goals on your homepage feed. Here is where you will receive a direct feed of your Social Connections recent workouts. Like them and post comments to support each other along your fitness journeys!


View your live effort on your smartphone using the bluetooth connectivity of the MZ-3 belt. Your Live Tile displays your nickname, calories burnt, heart rate in beats per minute, MEP earnings, and at the center is your percentage of maximum effort. In the gym or on the go, your accurate effort readings are right at your fingertips.


Inside of the Gym, your activity data uploads to the Group Display so you can see how you’re doing in real-time. When you’re on the go, the MYZONE App uploads your workout activity straight to the cloud so you can review it later and track your progress over time.


The activity calendar is where you can view your effort over time, as well as minute-by-minute breakdowns of your past workouts. Three years of your daily exercise data will be stored here so that you can look back to see how you’ve progressed.


Tilt your Activity Graph horizontally to see your Effort Over Time. The red line represents the World Health Organization’s suggested guideline and the green line is your personal goal.


Stay up-to-date on how your friends are performing. The ability to add new connections straight from the App makes adding new friends and staying accountable easier than ever. With a monthly leaderboard that zeros out on 1st of every month, you’re able to start and end each month with a competitive edge.


Enter into group challenges or start one of your own. Challenges and goal setting are the best ways to stay motivated while connecting and competing with friends in the gym, or around the world.


Features like food logging, body shot photo updates and target tracking help you to assess each client’s progress. Increased accountability means increased results, MYZONE partners with you as you work to help your clients live healthier lives.


In-app food logging features allow you to snap pictures of the food you’re eating. These images are shared with your trainer and social connections, because we all know accountability increases when others are watching.


MYZONE tracks your body metrics over time so you can visually see how the process of earning MEPs drives your health and fitness results.


The MYZONE App is able to integrate with the Apple Health platform. Active burn calories, weight, height, BMI, BMR, blood pressure, body fat and heart rate can all be shared with the Apple Health App


Sync Up with Third Party Wearable Apps



MYZONE is all about versatility. We want to help you meet your fitness goals and to give you the option of using other tools, in addition to MYZONE, to help you progress in your fitness journey. This is why we provide interoperability with devices such as the Apple Watch, Garmin, and 3rd party wearable apps like MapMyRun, Strava, Run Keeper, MyFitnessPal, and others.

For Apple Watch users, your active burn calories, weight, height, BMI, BMR, blood pressure, body fat and heart rate can all be shared with the Apple Health portal. You can also view your heart rate on many other popular fitness apps that accept the Bluetooth signal from your MZ-3. All of your heart rate data will still be stored until you sync your belt with the MYZONE app.

We want to give you the real-time effort readings you need so your journey toward increased fitness is tangible, understandable, and personal. Let’s take a quick look a few of these wearable apps to see if integrating them with MYZONE will help you take your fitness to the next level:



MapMyRun wearable apps


This popular running app tracks your runs (distance, pace, speed, elevation). The Find a route feature allows you to search for different routes in your area by distance and location. But it’s not just for runners! You can use the search feature to find paths that are great for biking and even for dog walking. And like MYZONE, MapMyRun is community-driven. So you can look to see what routes have been added to the app by others users, and you even have the option of submitting your own.



Strava wearable apps


Strava, like MYZONE, takes a unique approach to their tracking app by focusing on competition. When you run or cycle using Strava, you’re competing against other app users who have ran or biked the same routes. If you’re fast enough, your name will appear at the top of a leaderboard. You can also use the app for more traditional tracking (distance, time, speed). Strava synced with MYZONE is a competitor’s dream!



MyFitnessPal wearable apps


MyFitnessPal is less about activity tracking and more about what foods you’re eating and your specific weight loss goals. Many say it is one of the best mobile calorie counters out there, so combining it’s food recording abilities with MYZONE’s effort-tracking accuracy makes for a dynamic duo!

What other apps do you use in addition to MYZONE that help you meet your fitness goals? Or have you found that MYZONE is your all-in-one app for the fitness data you need? We love to hear how you’re doing and how the MYZONE app (and other wearable apps!) are helping you take your health and fitness to the next level. Share with us and others in the online MYZONE community on social media using #effortrewarded and #myzonemoves.