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3519 Vandyke, Almont MI 48003 Suite B

Mike Collins (Mobility Mike – “Henry”)


BBA: Entertainment Sport Promotion Management & Business Management



-          CF-L1 CrossFit Trainer

-          USAW L1 Trainer



-          Bodyweight Movements

-          Sport Specific Conditioning & Movements

  •  Baseball
  •  Football

-          CrossFit


Philosophy on Exercise and a Bit about ME:

I have always known to “do something”. Growing up with a PE teacher as a parent, my two siblings and I were always on the go. I have been fortunate enough to experience a number of different forms of fitness, exercise, and athletics at a young age, and continue to carry that on today.

College baseball and a small stint of football was only possible with a fitness and exercise background. It wasn’t just the strength, speed, and agility though that was important, but the mental game as well. In teaming up with people of different ages, abilities, regions, etc. the “sport” often became secondary. Among many things, that is something that I appreciate about exercise and fitness: the process and underlying lessons to be learned and taught.


Fun Facts:

I like everything about high 5’s, they just put a smile on your face!  

I’ve been known to take my shirt off, but have also been accused of wearing a sweatshirt in 90 degree weather.

Detroit Tigers… enough said!

I have a pretty solid collection of workout shoes.

My First Generation gym family is hands down the best crew anyone could work with and/or be a part of!!!