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Peter Feldman


Michigan Technological University

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering 1996


USA Weightlifting - Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, June 2014, 2015

CPR and AED Certified


Weightlifting (OLY)

Ruck March Extended Period Endurance Training

Wrestling Specific Training

Philosophy on Exercise and Well-Being

I believe exercise allows us to reach new potentials. The release of endorphins and other chemicals within the body

that only can come about with exercise type stress help the body reset itself and allows the person recover to a better

state both physically and mentally. This reset helps us realize our capabilities which then helps us identify strengths

and weakness that can be improved upon. Life is a journey. Exercise is a tool to help us along that journey.

My goal as a coach is to help people realize those strengths and weaknesses. To be there to service as a guide,

mentor, friend, or even competition if that helps the individual continuously improve at life.

Interests & Hobbies


Olympic Llifting


Rucking / Backpacking

Hunting and Fishing

Working with my hands (I enjoy woodworking, metal working, leatherwork, welding)