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Posted on January 1, 1970


Just over two weeks ago most of us were in denial that most of America would be working from home, being laid off, and forced to stay home for that matter. This has brought new challenges to our lives compounding the stress of an already fast paced, action packed day.

We are all dealing with some of the disadvantages of being locked in our home which include:

  • Change in Environment/Culture
  • We may lack a sense of community
  • Reliability is at the forefront
  • Discipline
  • Unpredictable schedules from our normal daily grind
  • Accountability

The longer we are locked down the ability to staying on a daily schedule is getting to be more and more difficult, and if we don’t change our current mindset it won’t get any better.

Having the opportunity to operate a gym for the last ten years has given me some flexibility in my schedule, although time management is and has always been a key to my core values. While we will be facing unprecedented challenges over the next few weeks and while facing these new challenges we must keep time management at the forefront of our day.  Here are two ways to manage your time (Block Scheduling and To Do Lists). Even if you don’t stick to it 100% of the time, it will help keep you accountable, disciplined, diligent and active. An example of this would be the document that Dawn put out earlier last week. Here is a link to her facebook live presentation Dawn Live





There are many tools out there to help you with time management (planners, desk calendars, note book lists, google calendar) just to name a few. I use both google calendars and note books, everyday I review my calendars and make a list of what needs to be done in order of importance and what doesn’t get done that day is moved over to the following day. When I say calendars, I use multiple google calendars, I have one for the gym, kids, football, Powerlifting and my wife will share her schedule with me as well. One thing I really like about google calendar is they all sync together, and you have the option to turn individual them on and off.

You may have got the point of this now, time management is key to accountability and reaching our daily, monthly and long-term goals. So, take a moment and block out the non-negotiable time in your day and fill in the rest with what is important to you. Non-negotiable would mean only a family emergency would take you away from that time (EXERCISE). If you are struggling with time management, try creating a schedule for the day and hold yourself accountable for a week and compare it to the previous week.

This gives the opportunity to lead by example: Here is a picture of the wall in my kitchen, both of my kids created their own daily schedule on their own. They were the inspiration behind this post!!!!



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