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Posted on December 31, 1969

Why Scaling Is Important

Why Scaling Is Important


Scaling movements in the WOD can be super frustrating but there are reasons why we scale, and they are good reasons too!  We all want to be able to Rx the WOD but it isn’t something that happens overnight and can sometimes take months, (give or take a year or more) to move onto the next progression.  We’ve all been there, stuck between two movements, one being too easy but the other we aren’t quite ready for.  It can be annoying and make us feel like we aren’t getting closer to the movement that we are reaching towards. 


Here are a few reasons why it is so important to scale:


Safety is the #1 reason why we scale movements. CrossFit workouts are scaled to maintain the planned intention of the workout.  This allows for any athlete to get as much benefit from a workout according to their own ability level. 


***These next two reasons fall back onto the #1 of safety.


Ability Level- EVERYONE has something to work on!  It is best to learn the basics of each movement before moving forward with those movements. If you don’t start with the basics, you’re only cheating yourself and will not have the ability to perform the full (Rx) movements, when that time comes.  Or you will be able to perform them incorrectly and will end up with an injury and back at square one.


Quality of Movement involves ability and strength, which are both needed to have high quality movements.  Without one or the other, an athlete’s form will suffer, forcing bad habits and normally, yet again, injury. 


The point of scaling in a WOD is to KEEP MOVING!  If we are trying to do something that we do not yet have the ability to do, cannot perform at high quality, and is not safe for us to do, we will not be able to keep moving through the WOD.  It’s simple and the only way that we will get better is to keep moving on through the progressions towards the ultimate movement that we are trying to perfect. 


Our coaches are who we should go to if and when we feel confident to move to the next level or if we are feeling “stuck.”  There are options and variations for each of us athletes with each and every single movement that we learn.


Try not to think of scaling in a negative way!  Think of it as steps towards a higher goal.  If we all think back to our first day of CrossFit and the things that we thought were hard then...I am SURE that we have all come a long way in a short amount of time.   Enjoy it, have fun, and always be safe!


Written by:  Kourtnie Kohler

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