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Posted on December 31, 1969

Abs are Made in the Kitchen!

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen!
Working out is a key factor in getting healthy but what we put in our bodies is just as important, if not MORE important! For many of us, the nutrition component is the more difficult of the two. If we have a good understanding of what we should be eating, a proper foundation on when to
eat, along with knowing what foods make our own bodies feel good, we are in good shape to have success. 

Let's Talk About Macros 

Macros is short for macronutrients, which in general terms, is composed of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. 

Carbohydrates are made up of sugars and starches. This is the only macronutrient that is not essential for survival. Fiber is also considered a carbohydrate but does not count towards your daily carb total. To find the net carbs in a food, you just subtract fiber from total carbs, which will give you your net carbs. 

Total Carbs - Fiber = Net Carbs
Low-glycemic carbs are the ones that are better choices because they digest slowly, release glucose into the bloodstream, slowly, which doesn't cause crazy spikes in your insulin levels. Not only are carbohydrates found in breads and grains, but they are also found in many "healthy" foods too! Vegetables and especially fruits have high amounts of carbohydrates, that we typically don't think about when trying to change our nutrition habits. That's why calculating the Net Carbs in foods is important!

Protein plays a huge role in almost all of the biological processes in our bodies! Growth, tissue repair, immune function, and preserving lean muscle mass are just a few examples of this. Proteins also help to keep us full and not starving for more food. The amount of protein a person needs depends on their goals. To preserve muscle: 0.7-0.8 gram of protein per pound of muscle is needed. To gain muscle mass: 0.8 to 1.2 grams of protein per pound of muscle is needed.

You NEVER want to lose muscle....so that is not an option ;)  It is important to note that there is such thing as too much dietary protein, which can be damaging or stressful to your kidneys. So be sure to stay within the range that you are given.

Fats are needed for absorbing certain vitamins, energy, growth, cushioning organs and much like protein, to help keep us full. Most important in my book, is that they add amazing flavor to food too! Cutting out fats from our diets is super terrible because you will be extremely hungry  and our bodies NEED two essential fatty acids; linoleic and linolenic acids. The amount of fat needed is basically figured out by what you have left when figuring out your carbohydrates and proteins. This is all just scratching the surface on nutrition. There is so much more information and ideas available right here at First Generation CrossFit! We have some amazing programs and coaches that are happy to help you reach your goals.

Here are a couple things that we have available!
Keto-Paleo Seminar-Saturday, April 22,2017
Jamie Caporosso will help guide you to fat loss through him expertise and experience with a Keto-Paleo diet.
$20 in advance/$25 at the door
*Check our event page on Facebook for more information.

FIT 2.0- Begins April 17, 2017
The perfect FIT for YOU!!!
FIT 2.0=Nutrition + Fitness
Written meal plan, FIT 2.0 exercise program, unlimited CrossFit, unlimited Cardio Blast (CB60),
unlimited open gym, bi-weekly check-ins with your coach, 24/7 access to your coach, access to
private Facebook group, InBody reading every 3 weeks.
$250/month- 3 month commitment required for outstanding results!
*Ask if you qualify for FIT-LITE 2.0. A lighter you at a lighter price!

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